Are you looking for a new antivirus system to protect your pc? If so , you’ve probably come across a number of different options, and you might be thinking which is better.

A good antivirus software should be easy to use and provide plenty of customization opportunities. It should also have minimal impact on the system’s performance and not slow down too much.


Kaspersky provides a clean, light-colored UI and all the usual features can be accessible. This makes it easy to understand and use, which is great should you be not very tech-savvy.

Customer support

Apart from email, live chat and cellular phone support, Kaspersky has a beneficial online know-how base and FAQs which can answer a lot of your questions. Nevertheless , it does take some time to connect with a live agent, which will isn’t preferred.


Both these security rooms feature a selection of privacy-enhancing features to help you stay secure and safe while surfing around the web. They include password security, data protection on line, child-safe surfing, and anti-tracking tools.

Fire wall

A security app’s firewall is one of the most critical components within a good security suite. Is crucial with regards to defending your network against malicious traffic and keeping it safe from cyber criminals and other risks. A good fire wall should be simple to configure, although also windproof.

Both Kaspersky and Avast have firewalls, nonetheless Kaspersky has more intuitive configurations that make it simpler to set up. The best part is that it’s pre-configured as being a very strong initial line of security against malicious traffic.